Pick Your Event

  • Venue for Wedding

    10 am to 10 pm Saturday
    Valid for one week
    • Choose Willow Tree and Vineyard near the pond.
    • Choose Gazebo and Circle Drive.
    • Backyard near Waterfall.
  • Car Show Entry FEE

    August 8, 2021
    Valid for one month
    • Entry FEE to participate in Car Show at Milan Villa
  • Wine Club

    Every month
    Become a monthly wine tasting club member.
    • FREE Wine Tasting of the monthly specials
  • Supper Club

    Every month
    Become a monthly Supper Club Member
    • Dinner for 2 on one of our 5 terraces with wine of the month
  • Picnic Party for 2

    enjoy a pop up picnic at the Milan Villa by Trish
    • Food, drinks, wine tasting if requested in secret spot
  • Sunday Skate

    Outside Circle with Music (bring your own skates)
    Free Plan
    • Safe place to skate and enjoy the weather with music.
  • New Years Eve

    Party at the Mansion
    Valid for one week
    • Appetizers and champagne toast, and music!